Tuesday, April 27, 2010


 The bee is a large group of insects known for his gregarious although not all bees are so. All the bees go in the tribe / family Apidae (order Hymenoptera: winged insect membranes). In the world there are approximately 20 000 species of bees and can be found on every continent, except Antarctica.

Female insects have an important role in this insect group. The behavior of bees is largely determined by the behavior of female bees. Some females of certain species of bees live alone (solitary) and others are known to have a social behavior. Solitary bees build their own nest and foraging for offspring without the help of other bees and usually die or leave the nest at the time offspring not become adult bees. Sometimes a few species of solitary bees to feed and care for their children without giving up food for their children, form a relationship like this is known as sub social. While on a higher stage, bees live in groups and share duties in accordance with their respective physical form.

Bees in nature have an important function as the main pollinator insects. Favorite nectar and pollen will be utilized plants for pollination and pollen dissemination. In artificial pollination of certain crops, bees kept in cages containing plants, which will be crossed.

Honey produced by bees preferred by many animals, especially bear. Human also use honey as food and medicine. Rearing of bees for honey taken humans have been done long ago. The science of bees and their maintenance is known as apiari. Bee farm is also called by this name exists. Some types of bees have a sting that is fatal for him actually. Sting humans are utilized in a similar treatment called acupuncture therapy bees (apitherapy).


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