Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Single Cell

Living things is the simplest single-celled organisms. They were the first living creatures on earth, and until now still in the meet everywhere.

Cell is the smallest part of the life-support units. Living things are the simplest has only one cell, which contains all the information and processes necessary for survival and reproduction of such cells.

Cell has a thin outer wall, which can penetrate through which chemical substances. In the cell walls are jam-like fluid called the cytoplasm, which contains small structures or small organs, often called organelles, to perform specific functions. The structure is the central nucleus, which contains genes that determine cell shape and function. The rest are other structures releasing energy from food, remove the remaining substances, or protect the cells from other organisms attack.

More than 3000 million years ago, single-celled organisms first appeared in the waters of the earth. Chemical elements that make the creation of life is unknown. Now the simplest living things are classified in the Monera. There are two main groups, namely bacteria and cyanobacteria (algae green / blue algae). Its size is very small so can only be seen through a microscope with strong magnification.

Protista are single-celled organisms such as amoeba and small algae and other organisms are formed from groups of cells. There protists that eat like animals, there is a catch solar energy like plants. There are also some protists that get food through both. Many protists that have one or two tail-like structures called flagella. Protista will encourage him to move the flagellum. Some protists act as a hunter who can swallow prey. Protists divide itself by splitting into two new cells.


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